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California Fire devastates wine country

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  Wildfire. Even the mention of word sends chills down the spine!   While safety for residents and containment are the clear priority for officials, wine enthusiasts worldwide are worried about the effect of sediment left behind from the bellows of smoke rolling through our beloved vines. According to KOFY-TV in San Francisco, a number of vineyards have already sent grapes to laboratories in order to determine if smoke has affected…

Ant Flavored Gin is Finally Here!

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When thinking aromatic compounds the first thing that comes to my mind would not be red wood ants, as I have yet to run across a vigneron that has portrayed a desire to have a finished products smelling of insects. For the few who do plan to purchase this low production boutique gin will enjoy a handmade 42 proof gin with such enhancing flavors such as Bulgarian juniper berries, wood…

An Oak Aged Red Wine That Cuts The Fat…Seriously!

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Oregon State University released a study earlier this year stating that the elegiac acid in particular dark skinned grapes will speed up the metabolism of fatty acids in liver cells and slowed the growth of fat cells already in existence. This study has also found that the wines that were oak aged increased this ability to fight fat. This new discovery has been a gigantic breakthrough. Now, before you go rushing…