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Is Wine Cool?

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Is wine cool? Most whites, roses and bubblies are… Sarcasm…it was my first language. In all seriousness though, this seems to be a topic not so clearly defined. It seems the singular quality that defines whether something is cool, hip, trendy, totally rad, groovy, or the cat’s meow is if the youth that also identify with those social tags support it. In the case of wine, I wouldn’t say that…

Boutique vs Monster

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(No actual wines were injured in any way in the writing of this column.) Prepare yourself, folks. Gird your loins. Lock up your children. Put the dog away. Leave the cat, it’ll be fine. Grab only what you can carry and run for the bunker – it’s about to get a bit real. What we have for you today is a fight for the ages. A battle born of different…

Big Scores Under $25.

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Not all wines with huge scores come with insultingly obnoxious price tags, truly amazing wines that garner big points are increasingly prevalent at accessible prices. The trick is tracking these unicorn wines down & procuring them. You will be happy to know we have done all of the legwork for you. Tasting all of these high scoring wines is a hard and thankless job. Feel free to cry for me after you read…