Ant Flavored Gin is Finally Here!

Ant Gin

When thinking aromatic compounds the first thing that comes to my mind would not be red wood ants, as I have yet to run across a vigneron that has portrayed a desire to have a finished products smelling of insects. For the few who do plan to purchase this low production boutique gin will enjoy a handmade 42 proof gin with such enhancing flavors such as Bulgarian juniper berries, wood avens (a perennial forest herb), common nettle (Urtica dioica), and alexanders seed (a biennial wild relative of celery), along with a 100 percent organically-grown English wheat as the base for the spirit.

Nordic Food Lab and The Cambridge Distillery in the U.K. have teamed up to make an ant-flavored gin. Before you go thinking about how ridiculous this idea is, please know that these aren’t just any ants. These ants are painstakingly foraged from a specific forest in Kent, England. Not just that, this distiller will only utilize the red wood ants from this region. How is that for terroir?

This sub-100 case production gin will set you back over $300 per bottle. This may sound a bit hefty however, if you order now they will also give you a free 50ml bottle of “pure wood ant distillate”. While your gin will already have the distillate of 62 wood ants, it’s comforting to know that you can add even more of that wonderful ant flavor.


Anty Gin appears to aim to capture the ever popular entomologist/high-end spirits consumer. An integral demographic that has been ignored by mainstream producers. 

Well, your move Bombay.