An Oak Aged Red Wine That Cuts The Fat…Seriously!

Fight Fat

Oregon State University released a study earlier this year stating that the elegiac acid in particular dark skinned grapes will speed up the metabolism of fatty acids in liver cells and slowed the growth of fat cells already in existence. This study has also found that the wines that were oak aged increased this ability to fight fat.

This new discovery has been a gigantic breakthrough. Now, before you go rushing home to start “beer bonging” cases of Napa Cab, there is one thing you may want to be aware of. Napa Cabernet won’t work. Neither will Malbec. I know you are bracing for the worst. “He’s gonna make me drink merlot, isn’t he??” Nope….much worse…The thick skinned grape with the fat slashing miracle acid comes from a grape called “scuppernog”..aka Red Muscadine. One million hillbilly’s can’t be wrong, right? I am unsure which Piggly Wiggly to which you may procure these life extending, yet horrifyingly disgusting wines. What I can tell you is that this is the only red that has been shown to have the levels of the elegiac acid. There ya go, folks. Clear some room in your cellar..and in your closet for those new skinny jeans!