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August 18, 2015

A tour of Portugal

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I recently had the pleasure of sitting in on an intimate tasting featuring the wines of Portugal. I left both impressed and inspired…hence the words you read now. Portugal, while certainly not new to the wine game as any lover of Porto will attest to (myself included), has only just recently revitalized their table wine presence in the world market. Such a poignant entrance it is, as well. Portuguese table…

Big Scores Under $25.

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Not all wines with huge scores come with insultingly obnoxious price tags, truly amazing wines that garner big points are increasingly prevalent at accessible prices. The trick is tracking these unicorn wines down & procuring them. You will be happy to know we have done all of the legwork for you. Tasting all of these high scoring wines is a hard and thankless job. Feel free to cry for me after you read…

Drink Willamette, Dammit!

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What are you waiting for?? Willamette Valley has come a long way since David Lett (aka Papa Pinot!) planted his first Pinot grapes in the mid 1960’s….or even in the 80’s when critics bashed the hand crafted wines coming from the area. Here we are, just a couple decades and many 90+ point wines later, now the Drouhin family from Burgundy is here. Dominique Lafon from Burgundy is here. Kendall…